delete browsing history on exit internet explorer 7 - ChemistryEssaydatesCom

delete browsing history on exit internet explorer 7

delete browsing history on exit internet explorer 7

admin/ April 23, 2018/ history

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In Internet Options, why does “Delete browsing history on exit” keep getting enabled automatically?

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Super User has oodles of questions about how to avoid tracking and/or forget your browsing history. I’m looking to do the opposite. Hear me out.

Problem description

I use Windows 10 64-bit. Infrequently I need to use Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. I have IE 11.966.15063.0 and Edge 40.15063.674.0 installed. When I use these browsers, I would like to benefit from my browsing history in those browsers, such as visited site URLs, cookies, and cache. But I noticed recently that IE and Edge are rarely remembering my history. So I checked Internet Options and found this:

enter image description here

Delete browsing history on exit is checked. I never checked it.

If I uncheck it and click Apply or OK, all seems well for a little while. But at some point, my history disappears, and I find that Delete browsing history on exit is automatically checked again. Sometimes it’s after a logout/login or reboot, but sometimes I’ll be logged in for hours and then find that the box is checked again.

On the same computer, Chrome’s browser history works fine.


  1. Why would Delete browsing history on exit automatically get re-checked?
  2. What can I do to stop this from happening?

What I have tried

  • Uncheck the box and OK or Apply (as described above)
  • Internet Options > Advanced > Reset
  • Run gpupdate /force in a command prompt and then reboot (my computer is joined to a Windows domain; our IT staff says this isn’t being caused by domain policy)
windows browser internet-explorer history microsoft-edge
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edited Apr 6 at 18:55

asked Apr 6 at 18:51

Gary S.


  • 2

    We are always glad to help, but please allow me to pass along one important piece of advice: when your machine is on an Active Directory domain, it is absolutely crucial to include that information within your original post. It really does make a huge difference regarding the pertinent recommendations.
    –  Run5k
    Apr 6 at 19:18

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The most likely answer? Your computer is joined to a Windows domain.

Delete … on exit is a setting that can be applied from the domain, and if it continually re-enables itself on your computer, then that is the most likely explanation.

Speak with the IT staff who manage the domain to confirm this.

You may wonder why, if this is set at the domain level, why you can disable it. This is likely because the Delete… setting is applied, but “Prevent people from changing this setting” is not applied.

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edited Apr 6 at 18:56

answered Apr 6 at 18:55



  • Thanks. I should have mentioned that the IT staff suggested the gpupdate and don’t know why this is happening. So I doubt it’s in the domain policy.
    –  Gary S.
    Apr 6 at 18:56

  • 2

    Please add that information to your post. That said, your IT staff bear primary responsibility for diagnosing and resolving this issue. It may be another system they are using (SCCM, Antivirus software) which applies this setting.
    –  music2myear
    Apr 6 at 18:57

  • I would tend to agree with this answer. I realize that your IT staff says that it is not a domain GPO, but based upon my 20-plus years managing Windows networks I think there is a high degree of probability that some type domain configuration is causing this. In other words, is this the default behavior within Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 x64 machine that isn’t on a domain? No, so it’s a rather safe assumption that something within that domain (GPO, SCCM, Windows Updates, scripts, etc.) is causing it.
    –  Run5k
    Apr 6 at 19:15

  • 1

    It sounds pretty unanimous to me. I will once again nag the IT staff and I’ll update you here with news (and hopefully votes). Thanks all.
    –  Gary S.
    Apr 7 at 12:37

  • 1

    @GaryS. it has been a while. Have you made any progress?
    –  Run5k
    Apr 25 at 12:46

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Mini magick.6104.183459 big

Apr 15, 2013

1 Minute Read

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Mini magick.6104.183459 profile

Anthony Smith
ajsmith9870Other22 years in IT
Version 6.0
United Kingdom
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Settings in Active Directory Group Policy to delete temporary internet files when all internet explorer windows are closed.

1 Steps total

Step 1: Configure the following Group Policy Settings

User Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/

…Delete Browsing History/Configure Delete Browsing History on Exit – Setting: Enabled

…Internet Control Panel/Advanced Page/Empty Temporary Unternet Files folder when browser is closed – Setting: Enabled

These settings will clear temporary internet files when all browser windows are closed.


  • Mini magick20151028 30347 g45ldn big


    Apr 15, 2013 at 11:07am

    this to do over a Group Policy is a really good idea

    thanks for share

  • Mini magick.6104.183459 big


    Apr 15, 2013 at 05:18pm

    I have also supplemented this with ccleaner

    Installed on our XenApp servers, set the options required from the GUI, then run from command line with the /EXPORT switch to create a standard set of options. I created a simple batch file to run at logon –

    “c:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe” /AUTO

    This then deletes the cache in content.ie5 folder (that wasn’t happening when deleting via ie or group policy)

    In addition I published a shortcut to this via group policy on users desktops with the /AUTO switch, so it can be run manually if the user needs to clear the cache.

    Hope you find this useful.


  • Mini magick.6104.183459 big


    Apr 16, 2013 at 11:19am

    Please note – for the ccleaner settings to work as expected please make sure you set them as requires and change the options to save settings as .ini not on the registry, please see

  • Mini magick20170810 45247 hut9cy big


    Apr 23, 2013 at 01:25pm

    thank you very much for sharing, this is very useful. this will also remove the cookies?

  • Mini magick.6104.183459 big


    Apr 23, 2013 at 01:30pm

    ccleaner has options to remove cookies, and many other things, use with caution and test test test first.


  • Mini magick20140116 28160 14baoyf big


    Jan 17, 2014 at 03:51pm

    I use the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service or UPHClean. Every time the user logs off their profile is removed from the server connected.

  • Mini magick20140122 29363 9o6pxd big


    Jan 22, 2014 at 09:30pm

    Please keep in mind that using CCleaner is free for personal use, but installing it in a work environment is not part of the free usage agreement. If you are going to be installing it on business machines make sure to pay for it otherwise you are stealing software.

  • Avatar user


    Apr 24, 2014 at 08:33am

    thanks for sharing guys,. Does this GPO work for firefox browsers? or is it just for IE alone

  • Mini magick20151029 30347 1sgsdrc big


    May 9, 2014 at 04:25pm

    Charles, the GPO will be for IE only, as that is what the GPO details state.

    In order to clear FF, Chrome, Opera, or other browser caches, you’d need to find the appropriate reg settings, if they have them, or use the CCleaner method others have mentioned above.

  • Mini magick.28465.29348 big


    May 30, 2014 at 05:21pm

    yes, but where do you change what parts of browsing history is deleted?

    i mean like if i wanted cookies wiped but not browsing history. is there somewhere in the GPO for this, or in the registry?

    i know you can do it in IE just by checking Internet Options, but shouldn’t it at least be somewhere in the registry?

  • Avatar user


    Sep 7, 2016 at 03:51pm

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to resurrect this old topic. I am having some real difficulties getting a GPO set up to force IE to clear history on exit. I have seen many topics that just say to enable “Configure Delete Browsing History on Exit” however this option is not available on our GPM, we are using 2008 R2… I imagine it is an admx package that needs to be installed, but having put in the latest inetres.adm from KB2841134 it has had no effect.

    Has anyone got any insight into why this option is missing? I have searched for hours and I can’t find any mention of it.

  • Mini magick20170914 46478 gbjxda big


    Sep 14, 2017 at 08:25am

    But will this clean files in %temp% on exiting? is that the same as Tools, delete user log in IE?

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