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ouc-h :

being called baby?????? holding hands????!? being KISSED?!!!?!???????

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oreoprince :

listen……. ‘my love’ is literally the strongest and greatest pet name in existence. there is literally nothin better than somone callin you that….. especially when things are soft and quiet and they look at you with utter adoration and whisper “what’s the matter, my love??” or “i hope everything is okay with you, my love” like oh my god?? let me marry you already

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trevenant :

me, as a closeted teenager: I probably won’t find love

me, at 24, in my underwear, watching my boyfriend ignore the main storyline in Breath of the Wild to blow things up and pick mushrooms for an absurd amount of time:


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hippyhoppus :

talk to me about aliens & make out with me

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stargogh :

I am all for bookstore dates take me there and let’s wander hand in hand

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foxy-mulder :

brown eyes are heartmeltingly pretty pass it on

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itstrapical :

when someone traces their fingers along my body it makes me Weak As Hell™

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fullheartsuggestions :

my life is so much better with you in it

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drugmoms :

y’all ever just want to…slow dance w a girl

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